The building is located in the Fremont business district in the Space Building, which is located north of the Lenin statue. The office is on the second floor. If I am unavailable and/or with another client, I will have a "Do Not Disturb" sign on my door. I will open the door at your appointment time. If there is not a sign on the door, please feel free to knock at your appointment time. 


Free street parking can be found on Evanston Avenue North and Dayton Avenue North. Meter parking is also available on North 36th Street. 

If you are participating in an assessment, appointments are typically two or more hours, therefore you may wish to park in a pay-for-use parking lot. There are 4 parking lots near my office that charge $5-$7 for the day (cash only). You may find a parking lot in the following locations:

  • Corner of Evanston Ave N and N 34th St. under the Red Door
  • Opposite the Fremont Public Library on N 35th St
  • Corner of Phinney Ave N and N 35th St (2 parking lots)

Bus Riders

There are bus stops near my office for the number 5, 26, 28, 30, 31, and 46 bus lines. Please check the Metro Transit website for current bus schedules.