Psychological Assessment Services

What Assessment Can Do

The assessment process is designed to provide a better understanding of how one's cognitive ability, behavior, and emotions affect his/her academics, work, and/or relationships. During this process, I ask the client to explore his/her strengths, as well as areas he/she may need to improve. Based on the information obtained, I create a set of individualized recommendations aimed at assisting the client with living a healthier and more effective life.

I provide the following assessment services to individuals 16 years and older:

  • Academic – Learning Disability & ADHD
  • Mental Health – Diagnostic Clarification, Treatment Planning
  • Neuropsychological - Cognitive Impairment, Memory

Assessment Process

Prior to setting up our first meeting, we will discuss the reason for the assessment, as well as the questions you hope the assessment will answer. During our initial meeting, I will go over all of the necessary paperwork with you and answer any questions you may have about the assessment process. Following the administrative portion of the visit, we will complete an in-depth structured clinical interview. You will be asked to talk about your personal, social, academic, occupational, psychological, and medical histories. This initial meeting typically takes 1.5-2 hours to complete.

At the end of the initial session, we will schedule a series of visits. The number of subsequent visits and the amount of time needed to complete each visit is based on client availability and preference. These visits can range from 2-8 hours. Some clients prefer to complete the psychological assessment part of the process in one visit, while others prefer to spread it out over multiple sessions.

Following the assessment part of the process, I do my best to score, interpret, and complete the report in a timely manner. You will then have the opportunity to review the report to ensure that the statements about your history are accurate. As a licensed mental health counselor, I work under the supervision of a licensed clinical psychologist, who is responsible for the assessment and approves the report. Once the report has been finalized, I will have you return for a feedback session to review the results.

Fees and Cancellation

My assessment fee is $225 per hour. This includes the time I meet with you directly, the time spent scoring and interpreting tests, the time spent meeting with your primary care provider/therapist/attorney (as needed), and the time spent writing a report for you and/or another mental health professional. If you plan to pay out-of-pocket, I require a retainer in the amount of $750 be paid at the first meeting and/or a credit card be put on file. This amount will be applied to the final assessment cost.


If you plan to use your insurance benefit, please contact your insurance company directly to ensure that the assessment is covered by your plan. Please complete the Understanding Your Medical Benefits Form (pdf) and email ( or fax (206-632-0797) the completed form to me. You will also be asked to keep a credit card on file. 

If you miss an appointment without canceling or cancel within less than 24 hours, you will be charged for the missed appointment, specifically the number of hours the session was scheduled.

Your First Appointment

Prior to setting up an intake appointment, contact your insurance company (if you plan to use your insurance benefit) and complete the Understanding Your Medical Benefits Form (pdf) while on the phone with your insurance company. Contact me directly to see if I am available to do the assessment within your time frame. Please send the understanding your medical benefits form. After I receive the completed understanding your medical benefits form, I will schedule you for an intake. Prior to your intake, please complete the form below and register on my client portal.

Assessment Inquiry Form

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